Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poptarts 07: Icy Heaven - DJ eSc

DJ eSc is a local DJ here in the C'ville scene, a great DJ, I've had plenty a good times grooving out to his sets in the past five years and he was an inspiration when I first took on mixing in 05, so it's now somewhat of an honor to get to share this with you. I am also pleased to announce that we'll be showcasing some his mixes as featured sets in future podcasts so be on the look-out. Here is a recent set of his, the seventh edition of Poptarts. Enjoy!

For tracklisting, downloads, other mixes and information on DJ eSc and his many other works of words and art, check his blog HERE, or sample his sounds live every Wednesday bout 11pm @ The Escafe downtown, Charlottesville.

Poptarts 07: Icy Heaven - DJ eSc


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