Saturday, January 24, 2009

More EDM related websites...

Ugh Yezzur..
Erik_Michael here,

Just dropn' a little note on old web-find from a Tweett I'm following, Electronic Explorations is a blog site I used to check for unheard and obscure tracks of the EDM underground. I have not been there for quite some time and almost forgot about the site completely when twitter/blogger DUBSTEP posted a link there this morning. I have browsed the most current post and wasn't overly impressed with anything in the first half of the mix. Nothing stood out, however, 16-bit kicks off a mini mix of his own around the 46 min mark.. and yes, I like. 16-Bit starts with some really slow and dark minimal tracks and sets the tone for what could be a really good session. I'm signing off here and gonna try and enjoy the rest of this set... I does hopes you's enjoys it too.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Favorite Mixes from 08

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I thought i would break the typical posting of sets and pin up some of my favorite and influential sets of 08, well, at least for me they were. Do keep a good a ear and an open mind and experience some other flavors of the dance music... This weeks submission includes Mixes from The Crookers, one of my favorite dj/producers at the moment. Annie Mac who is well known for her radio shows and mini-mixes in other european communities. Rusko, who is often to referred to as 'The King' of dubstep. And finally, some classic mini sets from my favorite drum n bass trio, Noisia... sweet sweet bass, vibrations, and beats. More mixes coming soon my friends... requests welcome. hit me, and spread the word.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogs And Tracks Of Note:

With work and everything being so crazy I have not had the chance to talk about some of the other things that are influencing my life as of recent, well here's a quick little tid-bit:

Jungle & Drum n Bass: Put This In Your Earhole Blog
Doesn't matter who this chic or guy is, I love everything they post! I am frequent visitor and very much enjoy the consistent and fresh array of mixes they post. Everything from old-school jungle to through the modern works of producers all over the world well mixed and great quality. The 'Ragga-jungle' post has been number one mixset in my headphones since it's download they day they posted it. It's best you check, listen, and culture yourself in the ways of DNB.
Click Here For: Put This In Your Earhole Blog

Dub-Step: Blackdown Blog
All eyes on London as the new genre Dubstep continues to boil and brew like a bubbling cauldron bout near to expand and pour into the streets changing the face of hip-hop and electronic music as we know it... This style, what I once thought was a sub-genre of dnb is clearly an animal of it's own and the sound is MASSIVE. Where do I go for bits and pieces? I turn to blogger "Blackdown" from the little I know, he's the blogging guru of the genre with more than a fair share of information and musical content on his posts.. A must have in your google reader.
Click Here for the Blackdown Blog

Other Music: Electro Kill Blog
Another cool blog with eclectic tastes spanning several genres, though, mosty electro influenced notes. I have just stumbled onto this blog recently myself and more often then not waste time playing with the interesting little search/tag ball-thingy on the right hand side... How do I get one of those on my blog?!

Anyhow, I thought I would share some of my sources as well as favorite digital places of interest. Do read on and check em out, you might find yourself following them as well! Keep your ears peeled, new mix coming out hopefully tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. I have also submitted the podcast to iTunes, the podcast is still in the review phase and hopefully will pass and be available for everyone soon!

Love, peace, and beats...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

EDM Podcast No.4!

Well, well, well....

Time flies when your having fun! I do trust most of had a wonderful Holiday season and now it's back to business.
This week's podcast featuring tracks from Crookers, Blaqstar, Sash!, and Dave Guetta... I promise it will def not disappoint! I have been loving whats being released lately, and cannot get enough... Have a listen, feel free to email, comment, and put your 2 Cents

Woppa - Bassbin Twins
Sveglia - Crookers
Bump To Dis (Muzzaik remix) - Ron Carrol
Love Has Gone feat. H-Boogie (Club Mix) - Dave Armstrong & Redroche
Rain Drops feat. Stunt (Fonzerelli Remix) - Sash!
Everytime We Touch (Inpetto Remix) - Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta Everytime We Touch (Extended Mix)) - Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta
WTF (Nadstrom On Drugs Remix) - Tittsworth
White Knight Two (Blaqstarr Remix) - Surkin
Dancing In The Dark feat. Stacey Charles (House Remix) - Schwarzkopf
All The Cash feat. EL-P (The Glitch Mob Remix) - Evil Nine
Pigpen - Bassbin Twins

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twitter: erik_michael

Love, Peace, and Beats.


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