Thursday, December 31, 2009

A smooth sentimental mix to end 2009: This Moment - Erik|Michael

It's been both the best of years and the worst of years for myself. I have been through moments like reoccurring lengths of incarceration, trouble with the law and the public in general. from losing people I love and meeting other I loath to the starting of a new job with great opportunities and the wonderful welcoming of my first child, a daughter. For me, change was the only thing that was constant in 2009 and so I can't help but wonder with both excitement and worry what 2010 has in store. With that said, here are a few tracks that were there with me through some of the pivotal moments of this year past. Be careful tonight, people. I hope you all enjoy a safe New Years tonight.


This Moment Mix by Erik|Michael

This Moment Tracklist:
Everybody Knows - Syncro
Ltlp - edIT
Too Rude (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Carmen Rizzo featuring Esthero
It's So Crazy feat. Karma - Charlie P.
Roads - Portishead
Roads (HavocNdeeD Remix) - Portishead
Might Like You Better (Grayskull Remix) - Amanda Blank
Raindrops (Doorly Dubstep Remix) - Basement Jaxx
Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus
guinea pic (vocal variation with julia biel (dj koze remix 2009) - Ben Watt
Slowly Disappear - Mojo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Flying Skulls: Live at The Arcata Theater

 This mix is my first exposure to this west coast trio The Flying Skulls , and it is absolutely outstanding! I am currently scouring the net for more as we speak. I'm not even sure exactly what this genre/style of music is but I love it. Be sure to check their link and find out more info on the group, I cannot at the moment, as myspace is banned at my office coz some chump was caught spending their entire day playing on the site. If you have anymore info on this group, or want to share other artist like it be sure to comment or email me cause I'm very interested! Daps to Chrome Kids for my Flying Skulls cherry!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Riton and Primary 1 - Radiates (Joker Remix)

Great Remix by Joker, I am huge fan and I am sure you have heard a handful of his work in recent podcasts and sure as you're born you'll hear this one again soon. I can't wait to see what other remixes stem from this song. Check out this track and other information from the original post via Fancy Sounds 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Interview: At Home With eSc

Our boy DJ eSc (whom was included in Podcast No.16's guest mix) was recently interviewed by Tech-blog, be sure to check out the post here and enjoy the video!

Cheers to DJ eSc!

Erik|Michael Entering Let's Mix DJ Competition: Need your vote!

"Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix have come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’ (NGDJ), a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give him or her the chance to win a life changing prize!"

I was eating through my lunchtime blog reading session when I came across a link to Let's whom is hosting a digital DJ competition that runs into February 2010 in cahoots with Beatport, Pioneer, and DJ Mag. I browsed the site a bit, read through the rules and decided, "Sure, what the heck!" Only now, I don't know what kind of setlist to put up! Here's where you come in. I will post a poll of this past year's mixes and let you readers/subscribers decide What the competition mix should include. You can either add to the poll what your favorite mix was or comment and email some of your favorite moments in some of the previously posted mixes.

I appreciate any and all constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

E|M: Slow n Low - EDM PC No.18 - 091212

Slow n Low - EDM PC No.18 - 091212  by  erik_michael

Another mix to put to your heads! This has a good heavy swagger it, I hope ya'll enjoy. For those of you who are waiting for these mixes to make it to the podcasts I promise I will get them up this week! My laptop died on me a few weeks back and so it's taken me a little time to pick up a new machine and configure it. I have everything else lined up.. just gotta download the drivers for the mic & sound card and I am done! So keep refreshing your iTunes or Zune and these bad boys will be showing up soon!


Slow n Low by Erik | Michael:
Rapture Acapella - Iio
Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix) - Bionic Commando
Bug - Tek-One
Your The Sun (Emalkay Remix) - Faithless
Last Night In Brooklyn (NumberNin6 Remix) - Innerpartysystem
Everything Up (Zizou) (Joker & Ginz Remix) - Zero 7
Re-Up For Money (Cable THUGSTEP Blend) - Joker & Ginz Vs. Lil Scrappy & Young Buck
Moombah - Silvio Ecorno feat. Chuckie
Oxygen - Ruckspin, Reso
Traffic - Distance
Traffic - (Goth-Trad Remix) - Distance
Strung Out - Bar 9
Murda Sound (VIP Mix) - Bar 9
Sound Of My Dreams - Shackles
Robocop - Fuzz2k
Seven Figure Swagger (Bar9 Remix) - Foreign Beggars
Disrupt The Whole Scene - Cadenza
I'm Not Your Toy (Nero Remix) - La Roux

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blitz The Ambassador On "Dying To Live"

Blitz the Ambassador Live Teaser Part 2. from MVMT on Vimeo.

Great track, really enjoyed the piece. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the performance, wish there was some group round Charlottesville like this.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Double Feature: Two Sick 16Bit mixes!

16Bit is, for sure, one of my favorite producers! They just write sick, dense, heavy tracks that move your body, grit your teeth, and wobble ya guts. Here are not one, but TWO sick mixes to further cement the fact. Great start to a weekend.


Liquid Wicked – Dubwar
AfterDark – I Know I Can
Wartech – The Rattlesnake
The Floor Is Made Of Lava – Sucker Love (2000F Remix Dub)
Vista – Forcefield
MacKoall – High Volume
Kromestar – Get Up
16bit – President Of Europe
Benny Page – Swagger
AfterDark- Don’t Stop
16bit – Texaco
Stenchman – From Other Times
AfterDark – Hit The Deck
Lukki – 16 Switches
Gemmy – BT Tower
16bit – PCP
Suspicious Stench – Anger Management
DRT – Rising Sun feat. Busy Signal

16bit – In The Death Car
Bar9 – Murda Sound
16bit – PCP x Reso – If You Can’t Beat Em
Distance – Headstrung
16bit – Texaco
Phokus & The Next – Inta
Suspect – Execution
16bit – Put Ya Dirt Inside
Vista – Forcefield
Stenchman – Midnight x The Widdler – Drip Hop
Kidnappa – Champion Dub
Woogie – End Dub
EK9 & Sukh Knight – Ramping
Kidnappa – Rukus (16bit REMIX)
Twisted – Infect
Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol
Yong – Riddim Full Of Culture
16bit – Toxic

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry! Had a little mishap updating the site and information was lost. I have the site and template backed up and so I was able to restore the blog sans links. I will try to get this back up as soon as possible! Cheers :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poptarts 07: Icy Heaven - DJ eSc

DJ eSc is a local DJ here in the C'ville scene, a great DJ, I've had plenty a good times grooving out to his sets in the past five years and he was an inspiration when I first took on mixing in 05, so it's now somewhat of an honor to get to share this with you. I am also pleased to announce that we'll be showcasing some his mixes as featured sets in future podcasts so be on the look-out. Here is a recent set of his, the seventh edition of Poptarts. Enjoy!

For tracklisting, downloads, other mixes and information on DJ eSc and his many other works of words and art, check his blog HERE, or sample his sounds live every Wednesday bout 11pm @ The Escafe downtown, Charlottesville.

Poptarts 07: Icy Heaven - DJ eSc

E|M EDM Podcast now available in Zune!

I have had quite a few emails for availability in Zune and so here it is! You can click on the link HERE or the purple icon currently residing in the right sidebar.

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