Monday, December 14, 2009

Erik|Michael Entering Let's Mix DJ Competition: Need your vote!

"Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix have come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’ (NGDJ), a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give him or her the chance to win a life changing prize!"

I was eating through my lunchtime blog reading session when I came across a link to Let's whom is hosting a digital DJ competition that runs into February 2010 in cahoots with Beatport, Pioneer, and DJ Mag. I browsed the site a bit, read through the rules and decided, "Sure, what the heck!" Only now, I don't know what kind of setlist to put up! Here's where you come in. I will post a poll of this past year's mixes and let you readers/subscribers decide What the competition mix should include. You can either add to the poll what your favorite mix was or comment and email some of your favorite moments in some of the previously posted mixes.

I appreciate any and all constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions!



andyhawks said...

Check out and vote for the Hawker mix, the new generation of Progressive House!

Thank you everyone!

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