Friday, December 4, 2009

Double Feature: Two Sick 16Bit mixes!

16Bit is, for sure, one of my favorite producers! They just write sick, dense, heavy tracks that move your body, grit your teeth, and wobble ya guts. Here are not one, but TWO sick mixes to further cement the fact. Great start to a weekend.


Liquid Wicked – Dubwar
AfterDark – I Know I Can
Wartech – The Rattlesnake
The Floor Is Made Of Lava – Sucker Love (2000F Remix Dub)
Vista – Forcefield
MacKoall – High Volume
Kromestar – Get Up
16bit – President Of Europe
Benny Page – Swagger
AfterDark- Don’t Stop
16bit – Texaco
Stenchman – From Other Times
AfterDark – Hit The Deck
Lukki – 16 Switches
Gemmy – BT Tower
16bit – PCP
Suspicious Stench – Anger Management
DRT – Rising Sun feat. Busy Signal

16bit – In The Death Car
Bar9 – Murda Sound
16bit – PCP x Reso – If You Can’t Beat Em
Distance – Headstrung
16bit – Texaco
Phokus & The Next – Inta
Suspect – Execution
16bit – Put Ya Dirt Inside
Vista – Forcefield
Stenchman – Midnight x The Widdler – Drip Hop
Kidnappa – Champion Dub
Woogie – End Dub
EK9 & Sukh Knight – Ramping
Kidnappa – Rukus (16bit REMIX)
Twisted – Infect
Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol
Yong – Riddim Full Of Culture
16bit – Toxic


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