Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Back! W/ Podcast No.5!

Hey Everyone!!! I am so Excited to be back and posting you have no idea! Thanx to the lot of you whom have been sending emails of support and good wishes, faithful friends and listeners who have been sending in some cool tracks and findings, all in the hopes that I'll be getting to posting soon.. and so HERE I AM! It's been a rough couples months with court, fees & fines of all kinds, restitution and some away time, but I am back and ready to hit the tracks... okay!

This week's post was actually a mix I started last February, and then my computer crashed.. I was able to salvage the mix some but it's not really complete.. oh well, tough I guess.. I am not going back on this one, too many new tracks I am dying to dive into.. so here, without further delay:

Get Thats Feelin' feat. MC Flipside - The House Moguls
A Lot Of - Alex Kenji
Day N' Night (Crookers Remix) - Kid Cudi
From Inside The Speaker (The Yank Mix) - Alex Peace
The Way You Movin' - Nadastrom
Simple Memory (Ishe Remix) - Joman
Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Kid Sister
Bounce - Starkey
Just A Minute (Subsonic VIP Mix) - Ben Sage
Cosmonaught - Logistics
Gold Rush feat. Brookers Brothers - Danny Byrd
Assimilation feat. Mayhem - Evol Intent
This Way - Ben Sage

you can download this podcast via iTunes, I have the RSS url posted in the top right corner of the blog, just subscribe and it's yours! These are enhanced podcasts, complete with album or some artwork and links to the artists profiles or album releases on should you want to jump out and buy some of these tracks.. Remember, you want to buy them.. support the scene, and the artists, and you get better quality downloads, 320 kbps mp3's or 1k kbps wav files.. sick, sick, quality for the sound connoisseur! not some variable bit rate copy of a rip..

Again, thanks for listening, thanks for your loyalty and support, hope to hear from you all soon! Hit me up, erikmichael81 at


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