Saturday, January 24, 2009

More EDM related websites...

Ugh Yezzur..
Erik_Michael here,

Just dropn' a little note on old web-find from a Tweett I'm following, Electronic Explorations is a blog site I used to check for unheard and obscure tracks of the EDM underground. I have not been there for quite some time and almost forgot about the site completely when twitter/blogger DUBSTEP posted a link there this morning. I have browsed the most current post and wasn't overly impressed with anything in the first half of the mix. Nothing stood out, however, 16-bit kicks off a mini mix of his own around the 46 min mark.. and yes, I like. 16-Bit starts with some really slow and dark minimal tracks and sets the tone for what could be a really good session. I'm signing off here and gonna try and enjoy the rest of this set... I does hopes you's enjoys it too.



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