Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Mary Anne Hobbs & a little E|M Update!

Yes yes y'all, and we don't stop... Just working my usual schedule, crank'n, construct'n, and draft'n.. listening to some tunes and I came across recent mix from Mary Anne Hobbes Via GetDarker.Com and thought I would repost. GetDarker Tv is hosting a live shot via internet stream within the next two hours of now, give or take. So if you need a break at work or school and your in the mood for some Dubstep by the likes of some of my favorites (Rob Sparx, Nero, etc.) be sure to tune in and give the look.. Hope is well with y'all.

Mary Anne Hobbs - Radio One

File Hosted By GetDarker.com

The Beastie Boys - 'Shake Your Rump' from the 'Paul's Boutique' 20th Anniversary Edition (Capitol)
Dot - 'MX4' (Imminent dub)
Shuanise - 'Masudasante Naima' (Elgo)
Pendle Covern - 'Uncivil Engineering' [CALM mix] from the LP 'Self Assessment'(Modern Love)
Kode 9 - '2 Far Gone' (Hyperdub)
Sarantis & DeVille feat Sunkilla - 'Boom' from the compilation LP 'Vocals &Versions' (Senseless)
P.U.D.G.E – ‘Yung Infamous’ (Dubplate)
Bahwee - 'Peach Flavoured' (Dubplate)
Matthew David & OBA - 'Room Thumper' (Dubplate)
Floating Points - 'Esthian Three' (Burnt Progress)


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