Monday, August 23, 2010

Mix: Erik|Michael - Ya Gunt-Stabba mix


New mix for you bass-heads out there. Break out ya bag o' flour boys & girls and dial up the nastiest trail-park-hog you know... we're hunting for wet spots. This mix has got some of the filthiest dubstep tracks of recent and through the past year. A sound so abrasive you'll be burning your ear drums out leaving you with notions of fear, sickness, and terror... just plain gross, like finding a piece of corn in your bathroom shower bar of soap. Lick it a little, eat it up... you know you want to.

Tracklist: Ya Gunt-Stabba Mix

Hard (ft.David Rodigan & Newham Generals) - Breakage 
Playing With Fire - Flinch 
Tha Illest feat. Messinian (Ishe Remix) - Oh Shit!, Messinian 
Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-Rub) - Foreign Beggars, DJ Primecuts 
Murda Sound (VIP Mix) - Bar 9 
Midnight - Bar 9 
NBK - Sukh Knight 
Reasons (Doctor P Remix) - 12th Planet 
Import - Sukh Knight 
I'll Be There feat. Jimbolee (Main Mix) - Gregor Salto, Afrojack 
Scapegoat - Randomer 
Amirah - Chasing Shadows 
Nobody Gets Out Alive (12th Planet & Flinch Remix) - Le Castle Vania 
Voscillate (Roksonix Remix) - Flux Pavilion 
Sunset fest. Diplo - Borgore 
Beautiful Complication - Guido 
No Soundbwoy No Cry (DZ Remix) - Don Goliath 
Windscreen Sniper - Rob Sparx, John Maveric 
Shaolin Style (Nero Remix) - Bar 9 
Badman Sound - Doctor P 


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