Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MIX: Erik|Michael - Summer DnB

It has been a while posting anything of mine, been very busy, as a father, musician, and working on a construction job I have not had a whole lot of time to keep up with the blog. I hope this can spark some new interest onto the site
Comment if you like!

Summer DnB Tracklist:
Departure - Synkro
Come Home - Bcee
I Refuse - Netsky
In My Life - JSaxton
Starlight - Netsky
Deception - Noisia
Lebanon - Mayhem
Minimal Funk - Icicle
Orbit - Misanthrop
No More Pain - Mayhem, Mischeif
We Ball Harder (J. Rabbit Remix) - B.Rich
Midnight Express - Netsky
You Keep On Talking - Phace
Drift Away - Agent Alvin
Your Revolution (Reso Remix) - The Qemists
Machine Gun (Amon Tobin remix) - Noisia
Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) - Noisia



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