Thursday, January 28, 2010

E|M - Frat Is Fat: Live mix from a house party

Here is a little snip of a half-ass DJ job I did last minute for a friend who called and asked me to spin after his band played a house party on 14th street. The party was fun, all vibes were good from the most part and certainly had no business drinking as much did, but whatever. What are college parties for? The only issues with DJ'ing a gig like this is that there is always a strict request to keep it mainstream and please everyone... There isn't a scene for dubstep or the more aggressive variations of electro house where I'm at, so I focused on playing more vocal tracks of my library and stick with what people could digest on the spot as opposed to starting off minimal and atmospheric and build into something wide and heavy. Overall, I say the crowd had enjoyed it. They have asked me to come back sometime and maybe the second time around I could dive into something more experimental, heavy, bring some density. Who knows. Comments and critique are welcome, I could sure use the help. Cheers.


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